KimmiC /kɪmʔmɪk
KimmiC is a multi-national company committed to innovation and redefining the technological and commercial landscape in the global, digital economy.

Central to our products are security, simplicity and end user empowerment.

This means the power to compete and thrive globally regardless of your size, location or budget.
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What We Do

KimmiC works in the 'flat world', as a leader of innovation. Our primary focus is in disruptive technologies, processes and approaches.

This is underpinned by the core-capabilities of:

  • Enabling end user empowerment.

  • Creating and deploying corporate level technology and non- corporate cost and capability levels.

  • Breaking down the wall of vendor locked technologies to enable a world of borderless collaboration.

  • Create tomorrow's solutions today.

KimmiC /kɪmʔmɪk

Our latest technology, FlatWorld is a Cloud based combination of corporate grade technology and processes that enables the dynamic, secure fusion of data more simply, securely and inexpensively than existing approaches.

FlatWorld turns big data into SMART DATA, enabling and empowering the knowledge-based Global, Digital Economy.

Welcome to the future!


"No man is an island".... and neither is any company or business wanting to thrive in the new, knowledge-based, Global Digital Economy (GDE).

To be effectively competitive in the GDE requires businesses to have the right information at the right time. Seamless, simple and secure collaboration between companies, data, people and processes - wherever they come from - is no longer optional, it is mandatory. The easy flow of information is the critical success factor in the new, knowledge-based GDE.

To maximize your information flow , FlatWorld:

  • Is a Cloud based, but not bound, multilingual tool that enables dynamic, secure collaboration and data blending.

  • Enables data fusion and blending from disparate, internal and external systems, applications, processes and people so they can work together more simply, securely and inexpensively than existing approaches.

  • Is context driven - it ensures the right people see the right information at the right time.

  • Can be deployed as a private, public or hybrid cloud - or any combination thereof.

  • Is Tier One technology at Tier None price and capability levels, so it removes constraints currently inherent in large, vendor locked, inflexible systems.

  • Enhances the value of data by turning big data into SMART data, enabling refined and defined personalized micro-pitching on a mass scale.

FlatWorld enables and empowers the new, knowledge-based Global Digital Economy.

Welcome to the Future!

ABOUT US: Leading the KimmiC team
Michael McDonald (President / CTO)

Michael's reputation as a lateral thinker and innovator is supported by more than two decades of experience in the ICT industry with organizations ranging from entrepreneurial ventures to multi-national corporations.

He is a world leader in combining technology to meet need. This includes persistence through middleware through user interface, including utilizing semantic web, Java Enterprise, html5/Ajax and REST based architecture.

Michael's cross functional capabilities include in-depth, multi-national business experience through to designing, building, implementing and supporting systems along with extensive cross-cultural team building experience.

Michael has a comprehensive knowledge of the current Zeitgeist on leading edge technological and social innovations such as the business implementation of semantic web technologies

Kim Chandler McDonald (Exec V.P/FlatWorld Navigator/Author/Speaker )

Kim brings her extensive, international experience in media, communications and networking to the team. A thought leader and sought after speaker, Kim is an advocate for disruptive approaches and transformational trends such as Flat World Navigation, meHealth and empowered endusers.

Kim is also a member of the G.E. Advisory Board for Griffith University and is a member of the global growth partnership company, Frost & Sullivan's Global Board of Advisors for GIL Global, the Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership.

As the world's first, branded, Flat World Navigator, Kim was included in the inaugural "LinkedIn Power Profiles - Australia" list of 2012.

Kim has built and maintains a far-reaching network of global thought leaders, many of whom were the inspiration for her internationally renowned "Capital I Innovation Interview Series" , which celebrates Innovations, Innovators and thought leaders in their chosen fields.

The success of the interview series has led to her upcoming book, !nnovation: How World-Class Innovators Rock Their Role, scheduled for international publication by Kogan Page (in print/eBook format and as an enhanced eBook/online ecosystem) in the autumn of 2013. If you would like to be informed about when pre-ordering of the enhanced eBook/online ecosystem is available send us your details here

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