FlatWorld™ is an elegant, inexpensive solution for companies looking to compete and thrive in the global, digital economy.

FlatWorld™ has a revolutionary approach to level the global business playing field, by utilizing corporate grade technology and processes at non-corporate price and capability levels.

FlatWorld™ enables dynamic, secure collaboration, bringing people, processes and applications together more simply, securely and inexpensively than existing approaches.

FlatWorld™ removes the constraints inherent in large, vendor locked, inflexible systems.

FlatWorld™ focusses on enabling and empowering the end user with an intuitive, fun and simple set of tools to organize their world, their way.

FlatWorld™ removes the need for specialist IT resources, thus empowering the end user and reducing operational IT budgets focussed on system integration/interfacing and reporting.

FlatWorld™ is Cloud based, but not bound. It enables dynamic collaboration between disparate internal and external systems and processes, both with each other and with users.

FlatWorld™ can be deployed as a private, public or hybrid cloud - or any combination thereof.

FlatWorld™ is context driven - it ensures the right people see the right information at the right time.

FlatWorld™ enables micro-pitching on a mass scale.