KimmiC is a multi-national company committed to innovation and redefining the technological and commercial landscape in the global, digital economy. Central to our products are security, simplicity and end user empowerment. This means the power to compete and thrive globally regardless of your size, location or budget.

In cloud computing terms, KimmiC is the silver lining.

Our latest technology, FlatWorld™ is a Cloud based combination of corporate grade technology and processes that enables dynamic, secure collaboration, which brings people, processes and applications together more simply, securely and inexpensively than existing approaches.

To be effectively competitive in the global, digital economy requires businesses to have the right information at the right time. Seamless, simple and secure collaboration between companies, data, people and processes, wherever they come from, is no longer optional, it is mandatory.

FlatWorld™ enables and empowers the global, digital economy. Welcome to the future!

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